1. About Hiibook

Now the network faces several problems:

1. The user's personal data is mastered in several large companies and several central server clusters, and the economic benefits all belong to these major companies.

2. In the centralized network, Facebook, WeChat, and iVeryone in the blockchain did not solve the problems of ineffective social, office, and business trust, and did not establish an effective economic benefit system. Hiibook uses blockchain technology to create a brand new social network. Through the close integration of smart contracts and business value, a social network system with decentralized work, social, and economic benefits is built.

Hiibook uses the point-to-point ID system established by the blockchain+mail bottom transmission protocol to realize social value across Dapps:

1.2.1. Hiibook can interact freely with other Email clients for social information;

1.2.2. The email account is a value wallet and communicates with any email account.

Hiibook uses Email ID to establish a blockchain identity for the user. You can put all the information in the blockchain, including social media information, transaction information, job search information, billing information, etc. all in your blockchain ID identity. You control and monetize. No middleman makes a difference. In other words, the email account is both your value social ID account and your digital currency wallet account. Sending and receiving value is as easy as sending and receiving emails.

2. About The Hiibook Mechanism

Blockchain Social + Blockchain Mailbox = Hiibook, creating a new decentralized social and office ecosystem.

3. About Hiibook Smart Contract

Hiibook may be a value routing product that may subvert the existing social network. Value Express is the cornerstone of this product.

In order to protect users' fair value transmission ecosystem, Hiibook builds its own independent intelligent contract platform HIC (Hiibook intelligent contract) on the basis of EOS. Establishing its own HFS-like distributed storage system similar to IPFS, third parties can develop applications such as social reward payment, paid news reading, HR recruitment, agent accounting, and knowledge payment based on the HIC smart contract platform. All this is based on the value-based routing user ID system on the Hiibook. The Hiibook provides a millisecond payment interface, enabling the development of thousands of third-party value-based payment applications based on the Hiibook platform, and the use of Hiibook to develop credit-based corporate agent accounting. Services, such as services, standardized by enterprises

4. Questions About The Security Of Hiibook Account

The fundamental difference between blockchain social networking and traditional social networking is that data is decentralized. For users, the disadvantage is that data is easily lost, easily tampered, monitored, and analyzed. And the account has been controlled centrally, and has been banned and hacked at any time. In the Hiibook blockchain value-based routing network, each person’s account is his or her own personal asset. The key to opening the account is in his or her hands, and others cannot freeze or close the account.

5. Questions About Hiibook Data Stream Processing

Hiibook is based on the value-chain routing network technology of blockchain technology, and the security of a large amount of value socialization and digital currency transaction record data makes a fundamental change according to the characteristics of the blockchain itself. For users, it is free to select the data content. Whether it is stored in the Hiibook's central server, stored in the blockchain data block, or not stored in any server.

For confidential data that needs to be saved and encrypted, you can choose to save it in the blockchain database.

For those who do not need to save and need to be confidential, they can choose to read and burn immediately. Messages are sent in peer-to-peer mode. They do not exist in any blockchain server or non-blockchain server. The data exchange window is closed and the data is immediately destroyed.

For general data that does not require encryption, it is saved in the centralized server of the Hiibook by default.

6. Questions About The Use Of BVSP Credits

Hiibook will use AR technology to establish the characters and parameters of the virtual world. Avatars are a small ecosystem of user virtual values. Using these virtual characters can engage in appropriate social activities and credit loan activities, which are stored in the centralized server of the Hiibook. These AR social activities will introduce third-party partners to jointly complete the development and maintenance of the ecological environment and create a Blockchain virtual social platform (BVSP) that can cover all aspects of the virtual world. At the same time, the relevance of characters in the BVSP and real-world characters is stored in the blockchain network data block of the Hiibook, which means that the correspondence between characters and real people in each virtual world is encrypted, irreversible, and not tamperable. So, at this point, Hiibook will become the interactive entry point of the real world and virtual world of the future world. This entry point is built on the HIC blockchain smart contract.

7. About BBT Ecological Economy

The BBT token incentive mechanism was established in the Hiibook Eco. To this end, Hiibook established a separate email token public chain to facilitate the digital currency to be traded freely and conveniently. A single user can achieve 99,999 BBT/pen per transaction, and each transaction is less than 60 seconds.

8. About The DPOS Consensus Mechanism

Hiibook uses DPOS (authorized share certificate mechanism) as a consensus algorithm. The advantages of DPOS are faster block acknowledgment and 10,000 times per second payment or transfer rate that can be extended to VISA level. At the same time, the system is still decentralized, and it is neither destroyed by an individual nor controlled by an individual. The work of trustees is very simple. They sign blocks. If they do not fulfill their obligations, they can be expelled at any time. In this way, share holders can reach a comprehensive consensus together. In view of the traditional POW system, only the diggers can establish the consensus in the network, so the holders of the shares that do not mine cannot participate in the formulation of consensus. Due to the frequent nature of social activities, the use of DPOS is more suitable for blockchain applications that are more socially appropriate than POW.

9. Vision Of Hiibook

A new generation of peer-to-peer value social networks.