Decentralized social product, "Wechat" in Blockchain

Hiibook Social Value is breaking the limit of time. Everyday, online trusted network connection, Hiibook is creating daily effective value social users, payment and settlement, contract signing, asset registration and transfer, voting and commitment value for global users. Delivery and manager.

Project Description

Hiibook establishes a completely different mode of operation than traditional social networks: return control of user data and information to individuals, and provide economic incentives to contributing users. One of Hiibook's models is to ensure the security of personal data, and the second is to stimulate people to make more contributions through the system mechanism to achieve the transfer of content value. At this time, the network is no longer a central hub, but a pure platform. A user can point to a platform for information exchange, payment, content production, and economic benefits.

Free communication in different countries is a very difficult task. This project combines the anonymity, traceability, and intangibility of blockchains to reconstruct the underlying system of Email, making it the first multinational communication instant messaging tool.

What Hiibook needs to do is to turn every email user in the world into a super node. It only needs to be implemented through an APP. Make every mobile phone free and securely deliver information without going through any centralized email server.

Hiibook creed: Social value will give you freedom.


Blockchain Architecture

In order to prevent multiple nodes from requesting data from the network at the same time, a large amount of signaling is caused to cause the occurrence of “signalling flood”. The Hiibook product's design architecture uses SN (Structural Network) design, and the email network node is linked through a specific IMAP/SMTP protocol. Together, through the protocol, Hiibook can ensure that any node can efficiently find any data needed at other nodes, even if it is rarely seen.

The Hiibook introduces the EOS cycle concept with the goal of enabling two accounts to exchange messages back and forth within a single block without having to wait between each message for 3 seconds.

Each block is divided into cycles on the Hiibook network. Each cycle is divided into threads. Each thread contains a list of transactions. Each transaction contains a set of messages to be delivered. The structure can be visualized as a tree where the layers are processed sequentially or in parallel depending on their characteristics. This allows two users to maximize chat speed when using a blockchain session without processing data in accordance with traditional block synchronization.

The search function is very important in the Hiibook. Each node of the Hiibook stores a hash function table of the network node. Through this list, the network resources and the storage nodes are matched to find a certain resource. At the time, Hiibook first calculates the hash value of the resource, finds the unique index index value, and then accesses the network node or data storage space corresponding to this index index value. Hiibook users can quickly find the required data resources. The more users or nodes that join the Hiibook, the more secure the Hiibook network data and resources.

Project Features

Blockchain technology will be linked via blockchains to transfer each data asset's three rights to each user. Hiibook will allow these digital assets to return to users.

Value Social

Through the complete integration of the Blockchain protocol and the existing Internet Mailbox protocol (IMAP/SMTP), the Hiibook is just like the free port of the blockchain world, allowing each EMAIL account to implement seamless payment transfer, advertisement connection, commercial service, and vouchers. Store equal value social services.

Data Private

The security of personal data is controlled by several central companies or several central servers. This makes everybody extremely uneasy. The data problem is ultimately a trust problem. Hiibook makes every user enjoy fair democracy through blockchain technology. Civil rights and freedom belong to their own digital assets.

Smart Contract

Hiibook makes use of blockchain's "Internet Protocol-like" features for the exchange and value transfer of digital assets. In the blockchain technology upper layer, various types of transactions that occur between people are no longer confirmed by centralized institutions or organizations, but can be validated through blockchain network nodes.

Blockchain Storage

Words, pictures, graffiti, voice, video, and some important documents are divided and divided into zeros. Then a large number of micro-transactions are performed to save the components of these files. Finally, these micro-transactions are combined and packaged into a blockchain. In the transaction information to achieve blockchain storage.

Economic Incentive

Each person's behavior is worthwhile. Each value should be rewarded. Each award should be digitized. Each digitization should be confirmed. Every time the right is confirmed, it must be circulated. Each secondary circulation should be securitized.

Decentralized Network

Hiibook establishes a blockchain social network with the ID of Email, which enables users with different email clients around the world to implement peer-to-peer encryption information exchange, and text, voice, video, and graffiti four-dimensional information flow conversations. Let instant messaging have no borders.

Cannot Be Tampered With

Information forms a private information chain and cannot be tampered with. The digital asset delivery process generates a public key and a private key through asymmetric encryption. The public key is used to transfer information and the private key is used for digital signature. This ensures the security of information at one time.


The Internet links information, and the blockchain links value. Everyone's value will be securitized in blocks and delivered efficiently through a chain of confidential, secure, low-cost, and trustworthy links. The significance will be world-renowned.

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