Blockchain Technology Supervisor

1. Regularly recruit bachelor degree or above, computer related major, and blockchain related project experience for more than 5 years;
2. Familiar with the relevant mechanisms and principles of mainstream blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DFINITY, and Hyperledger Fabric.
3. familiar with a variety of data structures and algorithms, research on cryptography, security protocols, encryption algorithms, proficient in bitcoin / blockchain / encryption algorithm is preferred;
4. proficient in one or more languages in C + + / Golang / Java, familiar with the smart contract block chain development, familiar with Python or Solidity language preferred.

District Link Development Engineer

1. Bachelor degree or above, professional
2. With more than 3 years experience in software development, proficient in Java, golang, familiar with smart contract development of blockchain, familiar with Python, JavaScript, Solidity and other languages are preferred.
3. Familiar with various data structures and algorithms, researching cryptography, security protocols, and encryption algorithms. Proficient in bitcoin/blockchain/cryptographic algorithms is preferred
4. Some knowledge and enthusiasm for blockchain, ethereum, bitcoin, etc., and blockchain development project experience is a plus
5. Have good communication skills, needs analysis ability and execution ability, logical thinking ability and learning ability, love computer programming, can consciously and actively learn new technologies, good teamwork ability

Product Operations

description of job:
1. Responsible for the promotion and day-to-day operation of the App, and promote the APP through the network and offline means to achieve the goals of download volume, installation volume, and activity level;
2. Establish effective operation and marketing strategies according to company requirements, regularly plan and implement online and offline activities, and adopt various methods to increase product exposure and increase installation capacity;
3. Analyze and mine operational data, user behavior data, etc. to improve the quality of content operations and improve user operations strategies;
job requirements:
1. Familiar with the mobile Internet industry, have mobile app user operation and promotion experience;
2. familiar with iOS and Android platform and App products, have their own understanding of App promotion and operation;
3. Being highly sensitive to internet events and network marketing events, familiar with the microblogging camp and WeChat sales operations;
4. Strong copywriting ability, good language and writing skills; 5. Careful and meticulous work, high sense of responsibility, willingness to learn new knowledge, teamwork spirit, able to work under pressure

UI Designer

Post responsibility:
1. Mobile end product interface design, optimize product interface user experience;
2. Interface dynamic effects creative production;
3. System function icons, props icons and other hand-painted.
Conditions of employment:
1. College degree or above, more than 2 years working experience in UI;
2. Excellent aesthetic ability, unique creativity, strong graphic design and web design creativity, good grasp of color matching;
3. Proficient in design tools such as photoshop sketch;
4. has a strong UI, interface design capabilities, there is a strong art foundation;
5. Can skillfully create UI, interface, understand and be good at the idea of performance planning to convey;
6. Do things carefully, keep improving, be strict with the law, have a high sense of responsibility and team spirit. (Please attach previous works)

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